RTPR Testimonials

"I use Real Time Pain Relief on my hurting hand and it took the pain away. It is a great product! You should try it you will be pain free." David G ( Atlanta , GA )
"I have had a lot of pain for years, and have never found a product to relieve the pain until I found Real Time Pain Relief. I do a lot of computer work, and my shoulders and neck get sore and then tight. By the time I go to bed at night, I have so much pain it is hard to sleep. Now I put on Real Time Pain Relief, and fall asleep within seconds. One night I had a bladder infection that was so bad I could not stand to move, but I couldn't sleep, either, because of the pain. I finally decided to try putting Real Time Pain Relief on my stomach, and within a couple of minutes I fell asleep, and did not wake up until 4 hours later! Real Time Pain Relief is FANTASTIC!!!!"   Nancy A ( Melbourne Beach , FL )
"Thought you'd like to know Real Time Pain Relief is working for me today. I have shingles and, although the blisters have now scabbed and healed, the nerve pain is intense. My natural foods store gave me a sample of Real Time Pain Relief and the respite it's given me is more complete than any other topical salve or ointment I've tried. Even the smell is pleasant. From everyone I know who has experience shingles I have many more weeks of pain to endure before they're completely gone; so I will be back at my store for more of this product. Thank you making the sample packets available." Becky ( Patterson , NC )


"When the arthritis pain on my feet hit me in front of my third grade class, all I could say was "ouch". Then one of my students convinced me that her mom was selling something that would take away the pain. She called her mom right away and the next day the mom sent me a sample packet. Yes, within ten minutes almost immediately the pain was gone." Lisa ( Miami , Florida )
"My name is Eileen Peters and I am 68 years old. I have a degenerative disc disease, Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have also had both knees replaced. I have pain to some degree all of the time. When my daughter, Ginny Williams, started selling this product, I didn't think much of the hype. Finally I said okay send me some samples. After using the two samples I told my daughter to send me a jar of Real Time Pain Relief. I started using it on Aug. 20,2011. I put it on 3 times a day the first day as instructed. When I got out of bed the next morning I didn't think I was so stiff or hurt as much, but wasn't sure yet. After a few more days, I'm sure. I love it. It sure makes a difference for me. Can't be without it." Eileen P ( Moriston , Florida )
"I have dealt with heel pain for years, after using Real Time Pain Relief for two days the pain is gone. Thanks Real Time Pain Relief, walking is no longer a chore!" Judy S ( Laurie , Missouri )
"I'm still completely and utterly shocked at the effectiveness of this product! I'm in my 50's and play a lot of tennis which causes lower back pain from serving and when I first used Real Time Pain Relief it did EXACTLY WHAT IT CLAIMED... My Pain Was Gone After Only One Application! And I've continued to use it getting the same awesome results over and over." Keith C ( Chicago , Illinois )
"I took a really bad fall and injured my right shoulder. I went to the doctor and he prescribed pain medication. The medication helped with the pain a little but did not help a lot. I had ordered Real Time Pain Relief before I had fallen and boy am I glad I did. It has helped with what pain that the medication did not help with. If it was not for the RTPR I would have had to called the Dr for something stronger." BERTA R ( Caldwell , Idaho )
"I have been suffering from cartridge problems in my knee for quite some time now. But within 10 minutes of using RTPR for the first time I was able to walk up and down the stairs with out pain. Thank you for a wonderful product." David C ( Salcombe , Devon UK


"Soy un esceptico natural debido a mi educacion y entrenamiento (en anestesia), asi que no le preste mucha antencion a un producto homeopatico cuando me lo reconmendaron para unos dolores muy severos. Despues de estar mas de una semana con dolor, bajo terapia de cortisona sin mucho resultado, decidi probarlo...de alguna forma en alrededor de 10 secs. me quito el dolor de forma casi inmediata; es increible. Le auguro un obvio exito debido a que es tan eficaz contra el dolor somatico como lo son medicamentos mucho mas potentes y altamente peligrosos como los derivados del opio. Este tratamiento pasara a ser uno de los metodos analgesicos que mas utilizare, asi como una importante herramienta farmacologica no invasiva, sin ningun efecto colateral o contraindicaciones por lo que su uso es muy seguro y eficaz para dolores moderados a severo de tipo somaticos." Orlando S ( Guaynabo , PR )
"I purchased Real Time Pain Relief April 14, 2011 and received it on April 19th. I did NOT expect it to work on my TMJ pain that I was living in Terrible PAIN and could hardly talk. I was taking 2400 mg of Motrin a day that was not touching the pain. I used my product that night like it said, put it on one time then waited 5 minutes and put it on again. The pain remained at 10 min but at 15 minutes it was like someone gave me a shot of Novocaine because my Jaws went numb. Well I know know that it took the pain away so fast that I thought it was numbed up. I even looked at the ingredients to see if it had Lidocaine, it does not. But I use this product faithfully every day because I NEVER want to experience that pain again. I even carry it with me in case I have a day where I have to talk too much. Like everyone else who tries it and it works you get this thought "Did that just work or was it my imagination?" Well I can tell you this it was NOT my imagination it REALLY works! Give it a try you will be happy that you did. I use it for everything TMJ, Headaches, bug bites, sunburns and burns, Restless leg syndrome, pulled & tight muscles and this is only what I have used it for. I know Many people that I have seen it work for on other issues as well. Give it a try!" Ginger M ( Palm City , Florida )
"IT WORKS! I have had hip pain for 7 years from childbirth and so now I don't have to take Aleve constantly anymore. Well I thought to myself Carrie is this in your head because you want and need it to work? So because it didn't harm I thought well next time one of my kids gets hurt I will try it on them. Well two weeks later my 6 year was dumping her plant water off the back porch yesterday 7/5/2011 Wednesday and she knocked her head onto the metal hand rail coming back in. She was screaming bloody murder and I just knew Oh great she is gonna have a huge bruise on her forehead and someone is going to think I beat her. I instantly thought of RTPR and applied it and prayed, not even 5 minutes later she says mom this stuff smells like topical fruits and my head doesn't hurt anymore. Well today 7/7/2011 she still doesn't hurt and no goose egg or bruise and no DHS banging on my door! Thank God and Thank you RTPR! DISCLAIMER: I am not saying by no means that just because this stuff works does not give anyone the right to go and beat their child. P.S. Also When I got the opportunity to join RTPR I was already excited , well when I see that the company was out of my home area I thanked God because that is one of my signs that I need to get back to Oklahoma. Another thing I sent my mom in Noble, Ok which was recently told in June she has Kidney failure and started Dialysis a few weeks ago a couple of the travel packs and she calls me and says um Carrie I was just wanting to know where can I get a bottle of that stuff?:-)" Carrie B ( Jackson , Idaho )
"I popped a knee out of joint and had a chiropractor put it in place He put some of the RTPR on my knee to see if it would help with pain. He gave me a sample pack too for later to my surprise it helped after the second app." John K ( Canton , Ga )
"After having an operation on my knee several years ago I developed a major case of arthritis. I used RTPR about two months ago and it took a few applications to work but it did work. That is the GOOD news. The BAD news is I can no longer tell when there is a weather change coming 3 or 4 days in advance. Thank you all!" Ernest G ( Randolph , MA )
"I have bad pains in my hands and arms, I have worn braces on them for over four (4) years, two (2) week ago I was introduced to Real Time Pain Relief, within minutes of applying the cream to my arms and hands, I did not have to put the braces back on, and it has been 2 weeks , I am so amazed by this product , that not only did I Buy it, but I am a vendor with live proof that this product is REAL!!!!!. If you are in pain this is the product for you, Just try it!" Jacqueline L ( Charlotte , NC )
"I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and hands and sometimes find it hard to even walk. I've used about every product on the market and find them lacking. I just started using this product and can already feel the difference." Alan ( Durham , NC )
"My friend who lives in Florida had been trying for months to get me to try RTPR, but I was skeptical. Finally, just to satisfy him, I ordered the sample pack. A couple of days later I woke with my lower back hurting much worse than it had in a long time. I've had chronic back pain for over 20 years and several disks in the lumbar spine have totally disintegrated. I've got bone on bone with pinched nerves causing pain! Well,I thought I would try some of the gel on my lower back. I did and was amazed about ten minutes later when I realized I had no more pain. The pain was gone all day and night! The next morning I tried it on my knee that was hurting me so badly I could not sleep and I got instant relief! Thank you!" Geneva M ( Tulsa , Ok )
"Sufri un accidente del trabajo en 1988,se corrio la silla ejecutiva y cai sobre su base sufriendo fractura del coxis que no pudo ser enyesado ni operado. Fui sometido a tratamiento, t hasta el presenteerapia fisica y medicamentos con efectos secundarios. El Medico especialista me indico que la dolencia seria permanente y que he tolerado hasta el presente, Gracias a Real Time Pain Relief que ha sido la solucion!" Arcadio Del Valle Q. ( Aguadilla , Puerto Rico )
"When I received my product, I had a sore knee. I rubbed the product on my knee, and within fifteen minutes, my pain was gone. Real Time Pain Relief really works!" Timothy M ( Alexandria , Va )
"Thanks to Real Time Pain Relief I haven't taken any pain killers in over 6 months! But it gets even better, our household now uses the RTPR for every bump, bruise, burn, and blister. Real Time Pain Relief works like magic on all our aches and pains. Thank you RTPR!" James F ( Sedona , Arizona )
"After 18 years of Pain and countless forms of Pain Management, Pain is no longer a part of our daily routine. Never take this product of the market!" Patricia J ( George Town , Tasmania )
"I just received my Real Time Pain Relief tonight I was Very happy to smell the product in fact I would purchase a shampoo or conditioner with this smell it is so great, but I have chronic TMJ and it effects my Jaws ending up sending me to bed early with headaches and jaw pain on a daily basis. tonight I put it on the first time and the pain did not escalate in fact it kinda felt numb. I do expect Real time pain relief to do away with this chronic pain in a very short time based on my results on the first application." Ginger M ( Palm City , FL )
"RTPR is a awesome product that just flat-out works without the concerns of getting addicted or worrying about harmful side-effects of oral pain medication or pain killers. just rub it on the area where the pain is and that is all." Wendell T ( Queens , New York )
"This is the BEST! I have joint pains in my knees and back pains and as soon as I use the gel my pains go away. Most of the time it only takes one layer. I wish I could bathe in this stuff and I really wish that I would have known about RTPR when my mom and dad were still alive so I could have taken their arthritis pain away. I am telling everyone I see about this. HEY IT WORKS.... Thank you so much for this product." Dee S ( Gillette , WY )
"It's a miracle. I used a packet when it arrived, and a packet before I went to bed. Last night I had my first good sleep in over a year. I have a deteriorating spine and a hairline crack on my hind bone right on my sciatic nerve. I live in extreme pain. I have been prescribed pills for pain, muscle relaxers, pain patches of 150mg fentanyl and flexor for my back and spine. Pills for the constant pain and additional pills for my high blood pressure, caused by the extreme pain. I rarely get a restful nights sleep. Last Night I Rested! All night I slept and rested. I felt like a new person today, and it's only getting better. Thank you and you'll be hearing more from me and my hubby, he's using it on the tendons of his hands." T Felch ( Golden Valley , AZ )
"We got our samples today. I was waiting for my wife to wake from her nap so she could try it and there went one of my trick knees. Being a former Army SOF soldier and Law Enforcement combined with youthful athletics has had a toll on my knees, just like a professional athlete; but I don't think about them until they hurt. But when they do hurt, it is nasty! When my wife got up she said "use some of that RTPR stuff yourself and see if it works." I applied it and was much better no more than five minutes later. My wife also applied some for her headache and it fixed her right up." Fr. C M. Butler Jr ( Chelsea , OK )
"This is really stupid of me. I don't know what I was thinking. We were having a barbecue and had a pan of Chile warming on the grill. I went to stir it and grabbed the metal handle. HOT! I burned my hand, thumb and fingers. Right away I applied RTPR. Took the burn right out. Stopped the pain so well I would forget about it. When I would grab something it would still hurt. Seriously, the next day, no blisters and no pain!" R. Dickens ( Mishawaka IN )
"I hurt my left hand and wrist during sleeping (apparently slept on it);I started applying RTPR during the day and before I went to bed and the next day the pain was gone; incredible product". C Bonilla ( Isabela , Puerto Rico )
"Solo me la puse en el área afectada y en 2min ya no tenía dolor.Gracias ahora estoy feliz sin dolor." Maria del C Noriega ( San Juan , Puerto Rico )

"I am a 51 year old competitive runner who didn't start racing until age 48. I train hard, and win my age group most of the time but have also suffered with typical high-mileage, high-speed injuries. I know enough to stop but like most runners, really hate to do that and would rather do whatever it takes to get back on the road quickly. Since a friend brought over some RTPR samples a few weeks ago I've been amazed and thrilled with the results. As a long-time user of homeopathic remedies, I have to say this is one of the best, and certainly the best liniment I've ever used. It's keeping me in training for my next race...pain and injury free! Unfortunately I have to go home to Canada in March and can't get it there yet :( Hope you can distribute north of the 49th really soon!" Susan G ( Sedona , Arizona )
"Saludos mi nombre es Josue Lugo soy oficial del Orden Publico en Abril de este año reciví una herida de bala en mi pierna derecha con calibre muy alto , se me afectaron 3 nervios del pie lo cual me produce mucho dolor y adormecimiento.Para aliviar el dolor tenia que tomar medicamentos hasta el punto que los medico recomendaron subir las dosis .Me dieron la oportunidad de probar el producto ese dia decidí no tomar los medicamentos para saber cuan efectivo era .Para el bien mio y gracias a Real Time Pain Relief el dolor que sentia del nervio comenzó a disminuir de imediato .Hasta el dia de hoy no e vuelto a ingerir los medicamento controlo mi dolor con RTPR ! Gracias !" Josue L ( Sabana Grande , Puerto Rico )
"7 years ago, I began to experience overall body pain. In just 12 days on RealTimePainRelief I began enjoying living again! Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me but I was definitely not enjoying living like my old self.I was among those who experienced immediate relief for my long-term knee pain. I just started marching around the house!I also postponed,and now think I will likely cancel altogether,my surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.I can cut my own meat thank you! Almost seems they put a little bit of magic in RTPR.I also banged myself good today.After first aid for bleeding,I put a dab of our lotion on this too.I normally bruise and swell easily. Not today!I really do love this product!"  Donna Bell ( Miramar , FL )


"Gave sample to a friend at church that I have seen limping into service on her cane for years now. Took her into ladies room after service, used one sample on her back and one sample for her two knees. As we left the restroom, she was following a little behind me and when I turned around to see where she was, the biggest smile was on her face and she was amazed that the pain in both areas was disappearing. She started twisting at the waist to test out her back, no problem. After that, she couldn't stop lifting and bending her knees in amazement, since that usually would have been a very painful movement for her. Once outside, she was able to lift herself up into the high seat in her daughter's SUV with hardly any effort. She also awoke the next morning with no pain. I am SOLD on and thankful for this true and awesome Gift from GOD!!! I have joined the company and am looking forward to letting EVERYONE know about RTPR!!!!"         Donna Bell ( Miramar FL} ,                                                                                           

"I just had to let you know my experience with RTPR.. I hit my hand with a hammer right above the thumb joint. You know those stars and birdies that circle the heads of cartoon characters? Turns out they're based on real life! hehehe I put some RTPR on it and the pain subsided a great deal immediately. Then about 2 minutes later, I put on a second layer and the remaining pain immediately disappeared AND IT NEVER CAME BACK! I've used RTPR on my knees and back and neck and it was really great, but this was just a stunning result on the hammer hit. This product is AWESOME!" Pamela D ( Bay Saint Louis , Ms )
"My husband tried RTPR and said it works wonderfully! Thank You. Vera T. ( Baton Rouge , LA )
"I have several bulging discs in my neck which cause constant pain. I applied a small amount, about the size of a quarter, and by the time I finished rubbing the RTPR in and the pain was noticeably less. Thank you!" Barbara B
( Bethlehem , PA )
"I received the sample about 4 days ago for my sons knee. He had a lateral release surgery about 8 years ago and it still bothers him at times. He didn't want to try the "stuff" so I just tossed it on his bed. The next morning I noticed most of the product had been used. I asked him if it helped and he stated "I didn't want it to because I figured it was another "gimmick" but I tried it and mom it really worked!! Can you PLEASE get some more? SO here I am up at 12:50 AM because my left elbow is killing me from an injury 2 years ago. I snuck into my sons room and borrowed what was left of the cream. Now I am ordering it because I to am also amazed how well it works. It kinda has a SLIGHT warming sensation to it and it smells great plus it is in now way greasy.!!! I can't wait to get the tub in the mail...so hurry please :)" Tracey C. ( Topeka , KS )
"I am very impressed with this product. I had a package that some one had gave me and put it on my husbands shoulder and he said it really helped. He hurts so bad that he can not sleep some nights so if you could send the jars of the cream ASAP so he can get started on it." Diane P ( Rayville , MO )
"My wife has been having issues with her right shoulder and I started using this on her. She states that she has noticed a big difference since she has been using this RTPR." James T. ( Chattanooga , TN )
"I tried the sample I received and really believe that it helped me not to wake up hurting so bad in the morning. I rubbed it on for the last time of the day, at night when I got ready to go to bed. Thank you!!!" Pat C (Oxford, MS )
"Got this as a sample my daughter ordered and loved it! You got a new customer just from sending us a sample, thank you." Amanda T ( Banning , CA )
"I received a sample and this cream is terrific. My husband hurt his elbow about 8 months ago and still when he moves his arm certain ways he still gets pain. Advil works for a while but this cream seems to last long. Thank you for the sample. I have emailed others about it."  Georgiana T. ( Hauppauge , NY )

"Both me and my Mom think this is the greatest lotion ever!!! Judith D. ( Chelsea , MA )


Real Time Pain Relief - Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone!Real Time Pain Relief


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